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Billions of Regional Trips: Regional travel is defined as a trip of between 100 and 1000 miles. Americans take nearly 500 million regional trips each year. Most trips over 100 miles (77%) are regional distance, not longer. Worldwide regional trips number in the billions.

The Problems: Regional travel is proportionally much slower than shorter or longer distances. Professionals spend excessive travel time on regional trips using existing transportation alternatives. We all must choose between less time at our destination or more time away from home. Traditional personal airplanes offer little benefit over cheaper transportation for a typical regional trip. A better alternative is needed.

The Opportunities: Many regional travelers would pay for more effective transportation if given the option. Hundreds of thousands of wealthy pilots choose not to own an airplane for lack of perceived value.

Our Solution: A 200 mph airplane that is effortlessly converted for safe and legal operation on the highway or to fit in a standard garage.

The Results: Pilots with ample discretionary budgets buy our airplane to maximize time at destination. Professionals maximize mobility using corporate roadable airplanes. New pilots enter the market because of the added value available.

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Why will Synergy be a success?

  • Effectively fills a need for high speed transportation for regional travel.
  • Operates in current infrastructure, no political hurdles.
  • Profitable in existing $200 million kit aircraft market. Predicted market growth yields exceptional profits.
  • Competitive performance, quality, price and added utility.
  • Superior design capitalizes on modern design tools and materials.
  • Conventional, low-risk aerodynamics and construction methods.
  • Maximum leveraging of off the shelf components.
  • Experienced management, extensive planning, adequate capitalization.

The Plan:

  • Accelerate development of prototypes and production tooling.
  • Manufacture and sell kit aircraft parts. ($39,000)

The Future:

  • Lead the drastic expansion of the future personal aviation market.
    • Sell to "non-pilots" by combining roadable aircraft with automated piloting and satellite navigation advancements presently becoming available.
    • Sell complete certified roadable aircraft.
This web site is not intended to substitute for a complete business plan. Qualified investors may obtain a complete business plan by submitting a request via e-mail.