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Specifications for SYNERGY Prototype

Vehicle Type
Road-Convertible Aircraft; Single engine pusher with twin-boom tail; Folding wings hydraulically actuated from cockpit. Street legal in folded configuration.

Construction Materials

Mostly fiberglass and carbon/epoxy.


2 adults + 2 pre-teens or 15 ft3 cargo @ 250 lb.

Empty Weight

1250 lb.

Gross Weight

1950 lb.


19.0 Feet.

Wingspan/Folded Width

28.4 feet. 7.5 feet folded width.


5.3 feet.

Wing Area

103 square feet.


Mazda 13B Rotary; custom turbocharged/intercooled; fuel injection, dual electronic ignition; 220 Hp @ 6500 RPM; Flat Rated to 10,000’+. Custom muffler.

Propeller and Drive

72" Variable Pitch. Custom HV chain reduction drive, 2.28:1, selected only in flight mode.

Ground Drive

Main wheels drive through stock VW bug transaxle and clutch adapted through selectable cogbelt drive.

Top Speed

235 MPH @ 10 Miles Per Gallon, 10,000 feet.

Normal Cruise

195 MPH @ 18 Miles Per Gallon.

Stall Speed

60 MPH @ Full gross weight, flaps down.


Unleaded automotive Gas, 92 Octane.

Fuel Capacity/Range

65 Gallons/1000 miles + Reserves @ Normal Cruise.

Driving Performance

0-60 MPH in 6.2 sec, Limit Speed=75 MPH.

Conversion Time

25 seconds. All conversion from within cockpit.

Main Gear/Tires/Main Suspension

Independent Trailing Arm; 4.80x12; custom wheels. Progressive-rate, custom racing shocks. Partial retraction into fixed fairings.

Nose Gear/Tire/Nose Suspension

Steerable forks with custom racing shock and spring. 3.5x12 tire. Full hydraulic retraction.


3 Disks; Triple independent hydraulic, toe actuated for landing; Adjustable bias for driving.


Passover Yoke; rudder pedals on right; driving pedals on left. Steering through yoke while driving.


All electric; toggle controls plus status indicators.


Full forced-air heating and air conditioning. Adjustable vents front and rear.


Split gullwing doors; direct access.