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  • 200 mph airplane and local transportation effectively combined.
  • Door to door speed, safety and comfort without transferring baggage.
  • No need to exit the vehicle - Hydraulic wing folding system.
  • Option to drive under bad weather rather than "waiting it out".
  • 2 front seats plus two smaller rear seats for ample baggage capacity.
  • Price and performance 100% competitive in existing kit airplane market.
  • Operations in the sky, on the open road and in traffic are fully refined and natural.

SYNERGY (noun) (1) The combination of two elements where the result is greater than the sum of the parts. (2) A name destined to become synonymous with practical and affordable roadable aircraft. Compromise (opposite): A car and an airplane forced together with brute force.

Synergy. That's what it takes to make a successful roadable aircraft. And Synergy is the name of the first product to be marketed by Aeromaster Innovations.

The Synergy aircraft is a 2+2 seat design which will compete with popular high performance aircraft on their own turf, i.e. competitive on price, quality, performance, handling qualities, and aesthetics; all the features important to aircraft buyers. Yet it still offers the bonus of unprecedented utility because it effortlessly converts into a street legal automobile. What's more, it will drive like an average automobile with excellent handling, acceleration, and stability. The unique wing folding design insures that even gusty crosswinds at freeway speeds will not seem any different than driving the family minivan.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Styling
  • Yoke controls and bi-fold gull-wing doors allow "car-like" entry and exit.
  • Wing folds away from fuselage allowing easy entry with wings folded.
  • Excellent side visibility by looking over folded wings.
  • Rear view mirrors strategically placed on wings to allow excellent rearward visibility for driving.
  • Sized to fit into standard garage while folded, legal to drive.
  • Exceptional range and payload capacity.
  • Conventional, low risk, aerodynamic design with computer refinement.
  • Self-aligning airframe parts substantially ease construction
  • Propeller does not spin while driving for safety and courtesy.

The specifications page gives a thorough description of performance expectations. But performance alone does not insure market share. Convenience, quality, safety, aesthetics, and utility must be combined with a synergistic result to yield a dominant product. Market dominance requires the following: The convenience to buckle up at home while still in your garage and arrive at your ultimate destination without ever unbuckling your seat belt. This is the convenience of patented cockpit - actuated wing folding. The luxury of an aircraft which allows you to enter and exit just as you are accustomed to in your current car; through side opening doors where neither the rain nor your feet have to touch the seats (this is a common problem with many high performance, canopy access, aircraft.) The economy and convenience of buying unleaded gas from your favorite station instead of paying twice as much for avgas and waiting for airport service. The utility of 2+2 seating capacity where the back seats can be used as 15 cubic feet of cargo volume and carry up to 250 lb. The convenience of an aircraft which allows a family to go visit grandma for the weekend without the time, money, and hassle of commercial transportation. The utility which allows a middle class commuter to live away from the "rat race" yet work in the thick of it while retaining a reasonable commute. Perhaps most important of all is the aerodynamic design which provides high cruise speeds but also allows a safe, slow stall speed to ease pilot skill requirements and enhance survivability in the event of engine failure. These are typical of what will make Synergy a success.

As profits grow, Aeromaster will continue to develop this technology further. Although the first aircraft will be a "2+2" seat configuration (this is the biggest market) there will also be a significant market for a version with four full-size seats. Additional advances and refinements to the 2+2 model will also likely improve performance and market size.

"Quality is of paramount importance in aircraft because human life is at stake. The ability to deliver military aerospace quality and state-of-the-art technology for an affordable price will make Aeromaster a player in today's kit market. The addition of utility will make Aeromaster a leader."