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The Kit ($39,819):
  • Molded structural parts and assemblies
  • Landing gear
  • Control systems
  • Propeller and ground drive systems
  • Wing folding systems
  • Hardware
  • Combined written and video assembly manuals

Not in a kit: Engine, Avionics, Upholstery and Paint, Adhesives

The kit consists of pre-molded high temperature composite airframe parts, machined and fabricated parts for systems including the drivetrain for road use and propeller speed reduction, purchased parts and equipment from bearings to hydraulic cylinders, all hardware required to assemble all included parts and a combination video/written manual. The video will add greatly to customer satisfaction and success because it will guide them through the necessary construction techniques. The kit will not include engine, avionics, assembly adhesives, upholstery or paint. The kit sells for FY00$39,819 and can be purchased in segments to aid buyers in spreading out costs.

The engine is to be purchased by the builder. By using the Mazda 13B rotary, which has been in production for over 25 years, a good supply of inexpensive and reliable engines is insured. The choice of avionics, upholstery, and paint are very much a matter of preference and are left to the builder to specify. Once a $5,000 (custom built, race quality) engine, $5,000 worth of engine systems, and $5,000 worth of basic avionics, upholstery, and paint are added, the total cost to the builder is $55,000 plus approximately 1500 hours labor.

Kits will be distributed by direct shipping and buyer pays shipping costs.

Key features:

  • Self aligning airframe parts eliminate need for complex jigging.
  • Large assemblies are pre-assembled similar to competitor’s "fast-build" options.
  • All composite parts are vacuum molded using only the highest quality prepreg materials.
  • All major structural parts are load tested prior to shipment and material samples are tested for every part.
  • Detailed construction manuals include video demonstrations.